Dark Side of the Moon 30th Anniversary Silkscreen Print


By: Storm Thorgerson
Type: Silkscreen Print

Published: 2004
Image Size: 480 mm X 480 mm
Paper Size: 835 mm X 660 mm
Edition Size: 325

Album Cover from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon 30th Anniversary Album, signed limited edition silkscreen print by Storm Thorgerson. Storm decided to rework his iconic album cover for the re-release of Pink Floyd’s album, he says ‘Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon was remixed from original tapes in 5.1 surround sound or super audio to provide an even more detailed and splendid audio experience. It was the same music but not the same mix. A different beast, in effect, and it seemed appropriate to indicate as much on the cover by reworking the original design, which was an airbrush illustration with line work for tint lay.’

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