Dragon -pink- cast glass by Morag Reekie


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Pin Dragon in cast glass

Handmade by glass artist Morag Reekie in Suffolk

In this Christmas show, I have a few new pieces I have been working on over the Covid period. The technique is cutting sheet glass into small triangles and inbedding them into my wax figures. I have used this technique before in my ‘Strange Creature’ Series in 2017.  I wanted to use this process again, the opportunity came up with  the making of the  ‘The Protesters’ a collaboration I did with my father David Reekie.

At the beginning of the lock down I came up with the idea of my dragons. Being cooped up and feeling frustrated with our government and their lack of compassion for others and their idleness with controlling Covid, my spiky little dragons came to mind! Maybe its my hot headed personality coming out in them. My anger with a rapidly growing selfish, unempathetic society and my own family circumstances.      Morag Reekie 2020

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