Happy Happy by Dan Baldwin

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Happy Happy is an abstract exercise in colour and form, in which Baldwin plays with the ideas of art as therapy, and how chance can be incorporated into art.  Ink dripped from pipettes created the lines of the grid; the element of chance dictating whether the lines merge, become fatter or thinner or veer off.  He then counted every blank area created by the grid (1829 in total) filling each one with one of one hundred colour tones he had mixed. The act of filling each blank square and choosing the tone that created the best balance and harmony was a very satisfying and almost therapeutic process for the artist.

Happy Happy signed limited edition 9/100, silkscreen print on paper with glazes by Dan Baldwin.

Image Size 760 mm x 760 mm
Paper Size 950 mm x 960 mm

Framed £1470 (unframed £1250)

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