‘Horizon’ glass sculpture by Fiaz Elson


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A  cast glass sculpture with polished faces by Fiaz Elson

18 x 15 x 4cm

My work is expressive in its form, provoking an emotional and intellectual response. It explores our emotive worlds, experiences and memories make us who we are. We all have several sides to our personalities, consciously or unconsciously we reveal or keep them hidden. This concept is expressed through the use of curves, angles and space.

Each piece has a relationship with the interior and exterior structure, bending, distorting and refracting light, creating a dynamic energy between colour and form. The space between the pieces is very specific, not too wide as to separate them and not too close to join as one. The fissure creates a tension, pushing and pulling representing the constant contradictions of persona, negative and positive, harmony and discord, clarity and obscurity, whilst the inner space of the lenses and grooves represent our private sides, a place you are not always allowed in, an inner sanctuary.

Keeping the sculptures minimal, their powerful presence naked of pattern or texture, allows the glass itself to convey the concept.


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