Harlequin Bottle, ceramic with lustre, by Paolo Staccoli


Harlequin Bottle by Paolo Staccoli, offered for resale by ‘Ollae Collectable Ceramics’ in partnership with Pyramid Gallery

Approximate height 24cm / diameter 12.5cm

Artist’s statement “I’ve always been fascinated by beautiful things. Having had the good fortune of being born in Florence, I was able from an early age to see the numerous works of art left to us by our ancestors. I never could explain why such genius lived and worked in this city of ours. It was certainly also the merit of the patrons from that time. Drawn by the exposure to and experience of art, I always painted and by the time I was 40 I became successful as a part of a group of painters that worked with Kens’Art Gallery in Florence. But soon afterwards I casually approached working with ceramics. Although my colleague painters criticized my choice, thinking of that medium as a minor art, it gave me the greatest satisfaction. Through ceramics an new three dimensional world opened to me, that of sculpture, which I am still exploring. “ Paolo Staccioli

We have only one of these for sale

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