Milk Jug, vapour glazed ceramic by Margaret Gardiner


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orange glaze milk jug by  Essex potter Margaret Gardiner  ….

I work mainly in porcelain, thrown on the wheel, slab built, extruded and slip-cast.

I’m concentrating on finely thrown bowls, large centrepiece dishes, all sizes of jugs and vases, and a wide range of drinking vessels.

I love textures: lace, peacock feathers, shells and shiny things and the process of evolving these into my ceramics.

I particularly want to emulate the joy I feel when snorkelling: I delight in the colours and patterns of coral and sea creatures. I notice patterns wherever I go and travel whenever possible.

The work is vapour-glazed with both salt and soda at 1300°C in a gas kiln, then fumed with stannous chloride to create random areas of lustrous iridescence.

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