MM bottle – by Will Shakspeare inspired by Maurice Marinot

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Inspired by French Master artist in glass and painter Maurice Marinot after a visit to the V & A glass collection, the “MM” bottles are always unique. Everything you make by hand is obviously “unique”, but some pieces you try to make within certain tolerances of size or shape or decoration – these become roughly speaking ranges that you can replicate.  Although we use decorations from our standard ranges, in this case hedgerow, works like these are made without the same constraints. The pieces are more process led, there is a greater allowance. A learning curve, without quite knowing what the lesson is.

Marinot produced seemingly simple forms that have an innate symmetry, and although there are many different forms, they are all part of the same family.

I have always been drawn to the “bottle” as a vessel. But in these pieces the “bottle” is just a starting point for the piece.

This particular piece is probably the closest I got to the vision in my minds eye when I started.

This is available at Pyramid Gallery

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