Porcelain bowl, by Barbara Lock

Approximate height 13cm / diameter 39cm

Barbara Lock attended Bournemouth and Poole College of Art then moved to Cambridge where she set up a small studio pottery making thrown domestic wares selling through craft fairs and shops. Moving to London in 1982 prompted a temporary change of direction and for six years she taught pottery in a Social Education Centre to young adults with learning disabilities. During this time she also trained to be an Art Therapist. In 1989 Barbara Lock moved to South Wales with the view of making pots again. Soon she began to concentrate on hand building and this has been her focus ever since.

All her pots are coiled, starting either with a thumb pot or a rolled out base. Sometimes shafts of stained clay are woven into the pot either during the building process or once it has been formed. After being smoothed over and oxides rubbed into the surface the pots are painted with multiple washes of thin coloured slips which bleed into each other as they dry out. Sometimes areas are masked out for more dramatic effect. After prolonged burnishing the pots are slowly dried out and then fired in an electric kiln. They are then lightly polished with beeswax.

Her work is concerned with the use of space, form and line; the building up of layers of colours and the interaction of these layers. Latterly her approach to the form has been more sculptural. These concerns find their expression in shadows, contours, pebbles, rocks, water, movement and birds. The Pembrokeshire coastline and the Welsh mountains are both a particular reference. The aim is to arrive at a synthesis between shapes and colours reminiscent of coastal cliffs and forms reminiscent of birds.

Member of the Crafts Potters Association
Member of South Wales Potters
Former Officer of the Makers Guild in Wales