Portrait of Barrie Hollinrake by Steve Huison

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Portrait of Barrie Hollinrake by Steve Huison

Ink on paper

305mm x 530mm

Framed size 460mm x 580mm

‘Barrie moved to Bay in 1958. As a doctor he worked for thirty years on Shek Kwu Chau, an island off mainland Hong Kong, where he was in charge of a heroin rehabilitation programme. Over his years there, as part of the rehabilitation with the patients, he co-ordinated the building of a complex of full scale reproductions of classical Roman buildings which also incorporated traditional Chinese architectural. On retirement he returned to Bay. His home, which dates back to 1633 remains the ‘beating heart’ of the village with an open door, a hot kettle on the go and a steady flow of neighbourly visits.’  Steve Huison, 2016

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