Portrait of Steve Phillips by Steve Huison

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Portrait of Steve Phillips by Steve Huison

Ink on paper

285mm x 520mm

Framed size 442mm x 670mm

‘One of the factors that helped me decide to live in Bay was that Steve and his band The Rough Diamonds play a weekly gig at the Grosvenor public house. Previous to living here I had often come over, booking a B&B just for the night in order to go see him. I knew Steve back in the eighties from the music scene in the pubs in Leeds, where Steve could often be found playing solo, or in a duet with Brendan Croker. Both went on to form the Nottinghillbillies with the former Dire Straits front man Mark Knopfler. Steve is one of the best guitarists I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and his knowledge of the Blues is immeasurable. Steve and The Rough Diamonds can boast a repertoire of over 200 songs!’ ┬áSteve Huison, 2016

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