Water Music, photographs by Boris Shpeizman


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In response to the call for entries to the CGS exhibition ‘Water & Music’, Boris Shpeizman had photographs of himself blowing glass through two musical instruments, a flute and a trumpet. The sequences of photographs show the ‘gather’ and the bubble being blown until it cools and then explodes. The noise, or ‘music’ can only be imagined. Perhaps Boris has a video?

When we were selected the pieces for this show, this entry was irrestible. Purely for the imaginative approach and Boris’s bravery. How many attempts were made to get these images we can only imagine. Imagining how hot his hands and lips became during this process makes me feel uncomfortable! Did the trumpet make a noise? Did it work afterwards?

Thank you Boris for your inspired interpretation of the brief and the sense of fun that comes through your work. terry Brett, Pyramid Gallery


‘Glass Blowing often reminds me playing on wind instruments. In this work, by using various brass wind instruments I was trying to materialize in glass a sound of music. It was surprising to find out that musical instruments generate a unique type of glass bubbles exactly as each musical instrument produce distinct sounds. Technique: free hand glass blowing. Materials: ready-made brass musical instruments and glass’.  Boris Shpeizman, 2017

Boris Shpeizman was born and raised in St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia. Aged 17, he was admitted to study medicine in the Department dentistry. During his studies he became a member of the ‘Movement for Human Rights and Democracy “in the USSR. As a result, under threat of arrest he took the first opportunity to emigrate to Israel. After a few “quiet” years in which he worked as a dentist, he began to paint and to deal with the sculpture.

In 2005 Boris Shpeizman ended Bazalel Academy of Arts – Department of Glass and Ceramics in Israel. Subsequently, he closed his dental practice to focus all his energies to the art of blown glass. During his relatively short career as a Glass Artist he has been honored with prestigious international scholarships and awards. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums in Israel, U.S.A. and Britain.



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