Purpleman’s Postcards for Syrian Children

Purpleman leaving party 6pm Weds 16th December at Pyramid Gallery

Purpleman is continuing his mission to give happiness and hope to refugee children from Syria. On december 17th 2015 he will make his very last appearance on his bike in Stonegate before setting off for southern Turkey. There he will once again deliver toys to refugee children.

The pictures have been drawn by Syrian children and show a mixture of harrowing war scenes and more heart warming and hopeful images of flowers and birds.

As a send off, Pyramid gallery will host a small party on wednesday 16th at 6pm for purpleman. The postcards will be available in the gallery for a donation that will go towards buying the toys in Turkey.

Pyramid Gallery hosted an exhibition that was curated by Purpleman in March 2014. See the entire exhibition and press coverage here

After that exhibition, the thousand toys that we collected were taken to Antakya in southern Turkey by Purpleman, accompanied by Pyramid Gallery owner Terry Brett. A visit organised by our very nice and helpful Syrian friend called Alaam Adeen or ‘Alladin’ who worked for Save the children (here is a photo of his elbow at a school on southern Turkey)  . After purchasing a purple bike, we took the toys to a school near Antakya that was run voluntarily by the local Syrian community for 400 refugee children. The kids loved receiving the toys. It was an act of kindness and love that they had not experienced since leaving Syria.

drawings by Syrian children as part of Purpleman's Toys for Syria appeal
A disturbing image of refugees in boats
Purpleman is collecting donations for his Toys for Syrian children appeal
A postcard drawn by a Syrian war refugee
A postcard drawn by a chid from Syria for Purpleman's mission to southern Turkey
A mother and children evacuate a bombed out house



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