SAMANTHA SOMERS Art for Dance Exhibition

Art for Dance aims to raise money for dance through art and opens on Saturday 18 May 2019 at 11am

Samantha Somers has sketched the dancers of the Northern Ballet at rehearsals for Jane Eyre & English National Ballet’s Giselle, produced by Akram Khan. Art For Dance will be four collections of art works a year, created to raise support by donating 10 percent to dance companies in a way that engages with the people who love contemporary dance. Please join Sam at the opening between 11am and 2.30pm and she will explain more about the project.

Art for Dance by York artist Samantha Somers
Drawings and sculpture from rehearsals with English National Ballet and Northern Ballet


A selection of studies from English National Ballet’s Giselle choreographed by Akram Khan, along with studies of some of their artists rehearsing / performing & a selection of studies from Northern Ballets Jane Eyre & The Shape Of Sound



SAMANTHA SOMERS – artist statement
I spent a few years after a rather unsatisfying experience at university, seeking how to hone my best skills to create something I truly love… & ballet has always been a part of my life & heart. Hours spent pouring over VHS & putting my own body through dance training from childhood, has been a lesson in this work for 20 years now – I grew up taking as many dance classes as I was allowed & everything from the storytelling to the technique fascinated me – I was spellbound by it.



As years passed I found that my love for art was merging with my love for music & dance. I decided to work to attain an artistic standard, to visually express & physically understand every muscle working & every bone supporting the line created by a dancer & in this my love for classical painting & drawing was also allowed to breathe. I was lucky enough to be able to study life drawing with artist Peter Liddle in the lake district for two years & he still is kind enough to support & encourage me as I enter this exciting new part of my life. I knew the work I wanted to create was a very specific thing, so I had to self-assemble my further training over the last few years from my home base here in York.


This ensured I could reach a standard I felt could communicate how I feel about music & dance – A simple statement for a very demanding range of sentiments. The work involves endless drawing, (my very favourite thing) sometimes to capture a pure line of motion, or working to ‘clad the bone’ with more presence & muscle, but always attempting to capture the energy of the motion & my reaction to it. Not only this, but I prioritised a style in my painting & drawing which avoids being overly ‘finished’ or concerned with dressings & costume so much as it is with the beautiful human form, sense of movement & the intellect in choreography. I feel like I will never quite be ready – but I hope now my work can begin to raise support for these amazing dance companies & bring some enjoyment for anyone who loves music, dance or art.

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