SOPHIE LAYTON – Printmaker visits Pyramid Gallery

The Artist will visit Pyramid Gallery on

Wednesday 15 November 2016

at4pm, until 6.30pm to talk about her work



No two of my monotypes are alike; each is a spontaneous and unique artwork. I begin with a notion in my head, however, wonderful things happen along the way that I didn’t foresee, which take me in new and unexpected directions.  The end result is often different from the idea I initially conceive.

My photographic prints are made by exposing UV light onto a sheet of steel through a negative of the image.  I then put this into acid which corrodes the metal where the light has not been able to pass through, which become the shadows and dark spaces due to the ink remaining in the textured areas.   I then create the monotype sections.  I start by laying out primary coloured inks onto a palette.

I use the large surface area of the palette to mix and spread the inks, adding different amounts of pigment until I’m satisfied with the colour. Working with three different sized rollers of thick dense rubber, I create my images by rolling very thin layers of ink on a sheet of aluminium the size of the finished print. The inks are made from a transparent base or medium.

I tend to mix a lot of this to dilute the colour decreasing their opacity. When I’m happy with the colour I’ve laid on the metal sheet I run it through the press. This creates a mirror image of what I laid down. By going back and forth from the palette to the press I eventually build up the surface I want, by trial and error. It takes a long time before the image achieves the painterly quality that I’m after.


Sophie is an innovative, energetic person. Her time is divided between sketching in the attic space of her home in South London and creating in the print workshop at her studio in Brixton. “I love the physical and intellectual process of printmaking; the way results build up and ideas emerge onto paper, demanding constant decision-making.”

After graduating from Brighton University in 2009 she was awarded a residency at London Metropolitan University and later at the Scuola di Graphica in Venice. Sophie enjoys film, travel and taking photos, which often feed their way into her work. Her dynamic artworks have been exhibited internationally in such places as China, Italy and London. She is currently preparing for a solo show in May 2016 at Eames Fine Art gallery in London.





Education:   2009-2010 Associate Student Printmaking London Met. University.

2006-2009 BA Hons Fine Art Printmaking, Brighton University

2005-2006 Art Foundation, Camberwell College of Art (Distinction)





Awards:       2016 Artist in Residence at Mi-Lab Japan, Tokyo in 2017

2015 Prism Print International : Intaglio First Prize

2014  Acclaimed film maker Mike Suthon made a short film about my art

work and journey to creating work for my solo show in 2013.

2012 Scholarship for an eight-week residency to The International Scuola de

Grafica Venice.                                                              2012 Sponsored by The Fine Art Partnership to print in Venice at The

International Scuola de Grafica

2009 Two works selected for the Aldridge Collection, Brighton                           University





Experience:   2014 Lectured at Eames Fine Art in a group discussion with Vincent Eames

and Mike Southon about my artwork and film.

                       2014 Lectured with Power Point Presentation to students aged 13-18 at

Wellington College                   

                       2013 Lectured at Eames Fine Gallery to art collectors about my artwork

2013 Lectured with Power Point Presentation to students aged 13-18 at

Wellington College                   

2013 Gallery assistant Eames Fine Art (see current occupation)

2013 Lectured with Power Point Presentation of my artistic carrier to A-level students at Tonbridge Boys School

2013 Created a promotional video of myself making artwork

                       2012 Marketing administrator for Lorenzo di Castro at the Scuola de Grafica

2012 Artist Assistant to Layne Rowe, Glassblower

2012 Artist Assistant to Anita Klein, Print Maker

2010-2013 Resident Artist at Artichoke Print Studio, London

2010 Artist in residence at London Metropolitan University

2010 Assistant to Gallery Manager at London Glassblowing



Exhibitions: 2016 Solo Exhibition  “NEW” Sophie Layton at Eames Fine Art

2016 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

2016 Prism Print International in Poland

2015 Intersecting Practices of Contemporary Printmaking in the UK in China

2015 Impact 9 Printmaking Conference in Hangzhou, China                         2015 Distinct Impressions, Prism Print International, Prism 5 London           2015 National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery                           2015 Ruth Borchard, Self Portrait Prize, Piano Nobile Kings Place                 2015 Collectors’ Evening, Eames Fine Art                                                    2015 Collectors’ Evening, Eames Fine Art                                                     2014 Dadbrook Gallery, Brussels                                                                    2014 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London                                      2014 Quest Gallery, Bath                                                                                2013 Art in Action Exhibitor and Demonstrator                                               2013 Collectors Evening with Sophie Layton                                                2013 Eames Fine Art Gallery Launch Exhibition                                          2013 20/21 International Art Fair                                                                   2013 The London Art Fair                                                                              2012 Past and Present, London Glassblowing                                                2012 Scuola di Grafica Gallery Venice                                                                                  2012 20/21 British Art Fair                                                                             2012 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition London                                       2012 Best of the Best, Art in Action                                                              2012 Art in Action Exhibitor and Demonstrator                                            2012 The RA Original Print Fair                                                                     2012 The London Art Fair with The Fine Art Partnership





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