STRANGE DAYS – summer show

an ONLINE exhibition of CERAMICS

Pyramid Gallery’s online summer show is here. Mostly ceramics, but there are also a lot of pictures

EVERYTHING is price lower than it normally would be. That is because some of the items have been in the gallery for a couple of months as part of the spring exhibition that was compromised by coronavirus lockdown , or have just been in our stockroom

Other items are new to the gallery, but currently at the makers studio, waiting to be purchased on this website and then despatched by courier direct from the studio. If you are in a hurry, then please text TERRY on 078 0502 9254 and ask how quickly we can get the item to you. Some items have this information in the description

More and more items will be added to this page every week, sometimes everyday

thank you for supporting BRITISH ARTISTS and CRAFT MAKERS – they are really appreciative, as am I (Terry Brett, Pyramid Gallery)

we also have a big collection of Peter Hayes work in stock. Here is a selection

On the walls…………….

DANNY BARBOUR – new work

Glaswegian by birth but now resident in North Yorkshire, Danny has used his talents in various occupations over the years. He has a long standing interest in photography, initially developing and printing his own black and white photographs but has since moved into digital photography. His interest in music and concert photography led him to work on projects in various areas of the music industry.

Danny has been interested in art and crafts, including various painting techniques, for most of his life. More recently, his interest in construction and abstract art have led him to produce a series of work which combines painting and assemblage to create unique collages/assemblages in vibrant colours.

“I am greatly influenced by the work of British abstract artists John Hoyland, Sir Terry Frost, Ben Nicholson and Howard Hodgkin as well as surrealists Rene Magritte and Paul Delvaux. Producing a collage/assemblage gives me the opportunity to add a further physical depth to the artwork that helps to accentuate the paint tones and texture which is not readily available on a flat surface.”

“The collages are created within the constraints of a square of a pre-determined size (currently these sizes are either four or six inches across). The constraints of working in a restricted space increase the impact of the colours and depth in a way that I feel can focus the eyes of the viewer and help them see the interaction of the components before them.”
“At present these works are mixed-media, the media composing of board, wood strips and acrylic paints and pastes. The pieces are cut and painted using various paint techniques and it is not until they are dry that the interaction of the tones and textures can be considered in their construction. This lack of a pre-conceived outcome makes construction more instinctive and makes every collage/assemblage a unique piece that will not be repeated.”

here are some views of the gallery at the moment


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