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Thursday 6 May 2021

Our first ‘real’ exhibition will open this Saturday. Actually, it is already set up and can be viewed now, live or here online. In fact , it is all set up right now, so please come and see if you are in York (6 at a time in one or two groups). With facemasks please, unless you have a valid reason not to. And please remind me to put mine on, as I often forget.

This morning we took delivery of Corrina Rothwell’s magnificent paintings, which included the largest piece of art that we have ever displayed. It just went up the stairs, which is fortunate as I have no idea what I would have done with it otherwise!

we also received new glass from Crispian Heath to go with three new glass orchid wall pieces that I collected from Laura Hart and Orrery Bottles by Anthony Scala on thursday last week. We are looking forward to a delivery tomorrow of sculptures made from recycled television screens from Jon Lewis. Jon is new to Pyramid Gallery but has established a reputation for producing innovative glass and steel sculptures at Pardon Mill in Harlow.  These will be shown alongside the fabulous new pieces that have been waiting for an audience since December by James Devereux, David Reekie, Colin Reid, Bruno Romanelli, Cara Wassenberg, Hannah Gibson and Morag Reekie. All can be viewed by clicking on the Melting Point banner above.

Ceramic sculptor Eoghan Bridge has also been developing new work after a two year break. He delivered four pieces to us this week that are now on display in a ceramics show by Philip Evans, Clare Conrad, Ilona Sulikova and Dylan Bowen. These can be viewed by clicking the banner below. Please come and look. We want to share our excitement with you all!    Terry and the Pyramid team, Fiona, Sarah and Ali (who will not be around for a while as she is expecting a baby!)



Thursday 29 APRIL 2021

We have had an amazing couple of weeks since re-opening. Very challenging for me, as it is difficult to know how many staff to bring back. At the moment I have Sarah working two days and Fiona working two days. I am at the shop 6 days, except that for today and Friday I am leaving the shop in Fi’s capable hands while I take a trip to London to collect glass for a show that opens next week on saturday 8 th May. But first, I need to launch our second online show by York Printmakers, following the same format as the first lockdown exhibition one year ago. The variety of work being produced by this group makes for an exciting and stimulating display. I have enjoyed many hours over the passed two weeks adding the images to our web page, which you will find by clicking the poster above. If you live within ten miles of York centre, then choose Click and Collect option when paying and we will deliver to you personally, for free.

The two weeks since reopening have been quieter in terms of numbers in the shop than I would have expected. There has been no rush. But our sales have actually been good because they included a large Colin Reid glass sculpture (Sunflowers), three ceramic vessels by York potter  Ilona Sulikova and another formidable glass sculpture by Cara Wassenberg. We have also sold several nice pieces of jewellery, in particular a necklace by Jane Macintosh. The future is not easy to predict, but it looks to be tending to lead us towards larger or more expensive pieces. This fits well with how I feel I need to operate the gallery at the moment. Fewer items on display and more time chatting to fewer customers, with pricier items being purchased. We also plan to display more original paintings on the walls. Coming up, opening on May 8th, we have a painting show with an artist from Nottingham who I first represented 20 years ago. She has evolved from making tapestry cartoons (which I adored) to large abstract paintings. These will fill the walls upstairs. With that show we have new glass. I collected a new piece from Colin Reid last week that is absolutely stunning and am collecting work from Laura Hart, Anthony Scala and Jon Lewis over the next two days. These will go on the website and in the gallery next week. Pease come and look!

I am also continuing collecting money to send out to my friends in Gambia. Scroll down a bit to read about that.  Since the beginning of April, the generous people of York have donated over £350 in return for items that I have been putting outside on a table, and for my own cartoons of rabbits. These have sold sporadically, but each sale gives me a thrill. If I had more time, I would do much more!And the money that I have sent to Gambia (averaging £60 a month since April 2020) has kept a family from being evicted from their very basic accommodation.

Please CLICK HERE to read more about why they are thanking you


Thursday 9 APRIL 2021

It seems a long time …. yet it also feels like just last week …. that we could enjoy the pleasure of enthusiastic browsers and customers in the shop. Suddenly I realised that something had to be done. Well, Fi told me, actually. She came back to work two weeks ago (just for two days a week) and told me with smiling Gaelic directness that people would want the place to look fresh and CLEAN!

That woke me up. I searched the cellar and found two pots of paint, cream and stone. I have nearly emptied them now. There are splashes all over the floor and my clothes, but some of it has thankfully settled on the handrails, skirtings and plinths.

But, it was the counter worktop that bothered Fi most. It is a thankless task painting it. It soon gets dirty and chipped. I blame Elaine – it used to be lovely Ash, but in 2003 she went on a crazy painting mission and covered the whole counter top and sides. It’s never been the same since.

I called Nick. Nicholas Clarke cabinet maker and timber wizard. Nick made the counter back in 1996, two years after Elaine and I had taken over the gallery. It was beautiful. Then in 2003 we moved it from the middle of the shop to it’s present position at the back. That is when Elaine painted it.

‘Nick, remember that counter?  Would you make me a nice new top? Next week?’

‘Yes, I have some lovely pieces of Oak’

I arranged to go and see the oak on Bank Holiday Monday. Nick drove me to a secret location. There under some tarpaulin he had a complete oak tree, sliced up and stacked. We shifted a few slices until we found a piece large enough to make the complete counter top in one 2 inch thick slice. This is work I enjoy. The tree must be 300 years old, maybe more. I shall find out. I am in awe of old bits of wood. The building we are in was built of oak 600 years ago. The trees that became the oak frame would have been first used in ships. Our building may well have sailed around the world. The timbers may well have come from acorns that germinated 800 years ago, maybe even 1000 years ago. It is very exciting to be bringing a new piece of oak into this ancient building.

Tomorrow, the new counter top will be fitted. I shall put photos on this page.

While doing all that, I have been busy opening boxes full of ceramics. Fi has been busy putting new pieces of jewellery in the displays, Karen Thomas has been busy making and bringing jewellery for her Allure! display in the window, which she and Fi put into the window today. And Sarah has been taking photographs and putting jewellery on this website.

It’s all go. Please come and look, 2 at a time, to be safe.

Here is the monster that was named by Esther Williams as ‘Glop’ for which she has won a small monster. Other names submitted have been given to the various monsters that came from Dylan Bowens studio in March

ceramic sculpture
Glop is a small slipware ceramic monster by Dylan Bowen 17cm

And why do I like these? They are so vulnerable. Trying to be scary, but failing to be anything other than cutely benign. These could only be made by Dylan. In fact, he doesn’t know where they come from. The monsters have chosen him. He is merely their channel. Personally, I cannot resist them and have already spent much too much of my time giving them names (all offered by customers via Instagram) and arranging them in huddles in the cabinets upstairs. Please come and see them. Give them a bit of time and they will find their way into your mind, but only in an unscary way. What you see and find in these pieces of wobbly clay, is yourself. Sometimes feeling vulnerable and hiding in the corner, sometimes at the front, challenging the world! Well that’s if you are at all like me!


Good Rabbits Rock  for Gambia

If you scroll down abit, you will see a section about my cartoon rabbit, drawn in the images of John Lennon George Harrison, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and David Bowie. Money is being paid for the images (just £15) and passed onto my friends Mam and Ndey in Gambia. Mam is blind and used to earn money by singing to tourists in an Italian restaurant at Kotu Beach (Gill and I have actually joined him on stage during our visits there) . He now cannot earn money until the tourists return. Ndey’s daughter died three years ago, leaving 5 grandchildren needing food and school uniforms. The youngest is five. So when Ndey contacted me in March 2020, desperate for help, I started sending small sums of money. But I can’t support a whole family, so I dreamt up the idea of the rabbits, to raise some. I am now also putting out old items that have been sitting on shelves in return for donations. Since the 21st March, generous passers-by have donated £200. I am very grateful to everyone who has put some money into the box outside the shop. And especially those who have given £15 for a rabbit drawing.

If you wish, you can buy one here. It’s a bit of a weird thing that has gradually developed over the past 25 years! If I can keep drawing this rabbit for another 25 years, then I am sure it will all seem very normal! My guess is that a rabbit original drawing purchased now for £15 will be worth at least £25 in 25 years time. Please don’t miss this great opportunity. And like Richard Branson, Elongated Musket and that other fellow from the Amazon, I intend to buy Mam and Ndey and their many offspring a spaceship when a million have been drawn and sold.  (naturally it will be in the shape of a rabbit)

THANK YOU!                Terry  aka the scribbler Bertt de Baldock




Thursday 4.3.21

RIP Diana Porter – Jeweller and champion of Women and the Arts

First of all, I am saddened to hear this morning that our long standing and most highly respected jewellery maker and all round inspiring individual Diana Porter has passed away

There will be much said about Diana and her jewellery, and the amazing team (all female) that she had running her workshop and shop in Bristol. But I just want to reflect on the importance that she has been to myself and Pyramid Gallery.

Elaine and I took over Pyramid Gallery in June 1994. It was in September 1994 that we met Diana at the International Jewellery Show in Earls Court, London. She was on her own with a small stand, promoting a small range of rings, bearing the inscription ‘and on and on’ and her necklaces with the Sybil pendant pieces bearing aspirational words , CALM, FULFILLED, LOVE, FUN etc etc.

Diana was 60 and newly graduated from the University of Central England where she had studied silversmithing and jewellery making. We were taken by her enthusiasm and passion for her work. She agreed to supply Pyramid Gallery, and so began a 27 year relationship, during which time, she has consistently been our best selling artist. The following year, we were returning from a holiday in Cornwall and stopped off at her house in Bristol. She had two large studio sheds in her garden and we enjoyed hearing her talk about the new ranges and the success she was having. In 1999 she was awarded UK Jewellery designer of the Year.

It has been wonderful and inspiring to have worked with Diana and her team. Always, Diana insisted on supplying us on the basis of Sale or Return, and always she has kept us well stocked with work. We learnt much from her, and she was always pleased to help us learn. I recall once when talking to her in her studio using the word ‘welding’ instead of ‘soldering’ when talking about jewellery. This made her laugh and she often reminded me of it! I was very careful thereafter not to use that word when talking to a jeweller!

For the last ten or 15 years or so, the workshop has been run by her team with our needs superbly attended to by Diana’s Business Director Claire Wheeler…. I am pleased to know that this will not change. Diana had wanted the studio to carry on in her name. I hope that we shall be able to continue to sell the work, and while passing on my condolences to all who were close to Diana, I wish all those at Diana Porter Jewellery well for the future.



I had the immense pleasure of receiving a new glass sculpture from Colin Reid yesterday. It just happened to arrive on the first day that my gallery Manager Fi returned to work after 2 months of furlough. Fi is going to work 2 days a week during the rest of March. Her first task was to photograph the opening of ‘Open Eye’ by Colin Reid. This circular form has developed out of a new piece that he was making for a commission by a museum in the USA. IT is a ring with a polished flat front  a tapering inside face. The effect of this is a very sharp edge to the inner ring and varying amounts of light coming through to the polished front face, so that the outer edges are darker than the bright inner ring edge. Very nice effect. Fi took the pictures that appear on Instagram at the foot of the HOME page here.  Open Eye will sell for £8400



Our friends in GAMBIA

I have been trying to raise money for a couple who are musicians in Gambia, suddenly without any income because their only way of earning a living is playing to tourists in restaurants. Mam who plays guitar and sings is blind. His wife Ndey is on shakers and harmonises. Ndey cannot work because she looks after 5 young grandchildren. Their mother died 3 years ago and the son in law/husband is nowhere to be seen.

So, I especially pleased today when our friend Don asked me which good causes an I supporting. I showed him the rabbit drawings in the window (see below) which I sell for £15, and it all goes to Ndey and Mam and is hopefully keeping them alive during this pandemic.

THANK YOU DON for the donation you made today. It helps enormously. And thank you everyone else who has donated, especially my friend Barbara who requested drawings of David Bowie, and Fi who has bought a set of 4 (4 drawings are £30)


Friday 24 February 2021

Opening for customers on April 12!  At last we know something about something, though it seems a long time off to me! I had my Covid Vaccination today at Askham Bar (didn’t feel a thing). It would seem that if you are approaching 65 (this happens to me in April) then you can just book a vaccination now, without a letter. I am told that this has recently been allowed for those almost 65, though there is nothing out there to say this is the case. Anyway, I am pleased to be vaccinated – it will give my staff a greater feeling of security when they start to work again soon. And customers too!  We will announce times of opening and rules nearer the time.

Bring On Spring!

we’re nearly there – the cold spell was quite a surprise, but I am relieved it was replaced by some spring like weather. The gallery got so cold that when the temperature changed last week, I had three days of a strange situation with the inside temperature about 5 degrees colder than it was outside!  Things are OK at the gallery, but I cannot wait for a time when we can invite people in and I can have Fi, Sarah and Ali back. I have been at the shop 6 days a week since the start of the year, reading emails and sending out a huge variety of items sold. The upshot of this is that I have been unable to pull together my new studio glass newsletter ‘Melting Point’. So my apologies to everyone who has subscribed to it and not yet received one. I hope to have this done by Tuesday.

If you would like to receive the Melting Point Studio Glass email newsletter, please let me know by CLICKING HERE


The ‘Muted Worlds’ Exhibition has been going well, Lesley Birch will be adding more of the small mixed media paintings onto this website next week. Please click the picture above to see that show

And while we wait for a time to start a new show, I have rearranged  things on here, so that you can have another look at the Anita Klein’s that a still on the walls, and the William Watson West  paintings. PLUS……..

PIERS BROWNE, who has been tidying is space, has put out on offer some etchings at reduced prices. You can see these by CLICKING HERE or on the picture below

and I have been busy with the rabbits, under my nom de scribble ‘Bertt deBaldock’. Some original rabbit drawings are now available on this website. I wanted to find a way to raise some money for some friends called Mam and Ndey, who are musicians in Gambia. Our friend Mam, who sings and plays guitar to tourists in restaurants, is blind. He cannot get money, no charity money, no state help and he cannot work because of the pandemic. I have been sending them £40 a month since April to enable them feed their grandchildren, whose mother died 3 years ago. But it is not enough. So, I have produced a range of 8 inch square drawings which I will sell for £15 each, or £30 for 4. All money goes to keep this family from being evicted from their tiny house in Gambia. Please have a look and watch their short video. The GoddRabbitsRock drawings are all originals, done to order and sent unframed in the post. I shall be adding more options to this page. Thank you for considering this. Terry aka Bertt deBaldock


COMPETITION – Name a Monster

one person can win a tiny monster


I have a bit of a thing about Dylan Bowen’s slipware monsters. They amuse me. They look like creatures that are desperately trying to be scary, but still look unthreatening and cute.
So because most of ours have now sold (that’s 27 in all) and because I keep getting enquiries about them from America and Wiltshire, I have decided to order some more

These are all coming to Pyramid Gallery soon. We think they deserve names


Please look at our Instagram posts to join in (CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW and use Back button to get back here) or….. use EMAIL as described below the pictures



Dylan Bowen tiny Monsters approx 10-12cm tall £65 to £70
Dylan Bowen Monsters, 16 to 17cm tall £85

So please look at the TINY monsters on the first picture (A to F) and the ‘SMALL’ monsters on the second picture (G to K) and then either email up to THREE names or go onto our Instagram page and join in the chat on there. Indicate which one(s) you are naming. We will pick the name that we think captures the essence of these guys and award one of them as a prize to one person.

We will then use our favourite names submitted to give to all the monsters a name when they arrive at Pyramid Gallery. They will be for sale on the website in two weeks time. The only conditions are

  1. submit your entry before the 5 March 2021
  2. assume that we might use the name you submitted for any one of the monsters
  3. No one connected to Pyramid Gallery or a member of staff may apply
  4. Five names will be selected from all the entries. One of these names will be chosen randomly as the winner by a passer-by in the street on Sat 6 March
  5. The winner may chose either a tiny monster worth £65 to £70 or a gift voucher to the value of £35 instead of a monster
  6. We will announce the winning entry on this blog page . Please state if you you do not want your name printed

email your entry to [email protected], or enter by using Instagram

Thank you!  Terry




Saturday 30 January 2021

My brilliant webdesigner Mark Richards of the Creative Agency, has made a neat change to the website today. It used to scroll product pictures across the screen… but I asked him to change it to scrolling ‘banners’ that link to events pages . I now have to learn to make this work better for the user….. please bear with me. There will be more items added on there soon. If you have any comments about the website – please let me know. Text to 078 0502 9254 – or email to [email protected]




Thursday 21.1.21

We chose this date for the launch of ‘Muted Worlds’ because it looks pretty – 21.1.21. It also a magnificent moment in the seasonal calendar, exactly 1 month past the solstice and beginning to feel a tiny bit spring like.


And what is more –  The idiot TRUMP is no longer president of the free world. (Trumpet fanfare please)

So with much cheer in spite of it being a very challenging time for everyone (EVERYONE in the world!) with the pandemic still not showing signs of turning, it gives me great pleasure to launch a wonderful exhibition by two York artists that I have a huge amount of respect for…..



with their online show Muted Worlds


Please CLICK HERE to see the show

Last night I had the great honour of giving a lecture to members of the Contemporary Glass Society CGS, via ZOOM.  If you are a member of the CGS, then you will be sent a link to follow to a recording of the talk, which reflected on how it has been running Pyramid Gallery during the year of lockdowns. If you are not a members of the CGS but would like to be, you can join via a link on our new GLASS COLLECTORS web page ‘MELTING POINT’ . Please click the picture below

While putting all this together, I started to reflect on what we are doing. Like, why am I trying to tempt people to look at art at a moment when so many things seem to be creating anxiety, suffering, stress and trouble for so many people…. here’s what is in my head…..

In such times, the idea of promoting an art exhibition might seem a bit trivial or maybe even uncaring
but, actually……..
another view on this could be quite the opposite…


In such times, whatever the difficulties and challenges, art can help us look at the world from a different perspective. If we can divert our attention away from all the problems, just for a few moments, then we can face the challenges with a new resolve

Our exhibition ‘Muted Worlds’ has been put together by two York artists  Lesley Birch and Emily Stubbs. They chose this theme to reflect our feelings at this time. The work they have produced for the exhibition is not ‘designed’ to cheer us up, but it reflects the mood that most of us have experienced during the long periods of lockdown and denial of normal activities and pleasures.

And contemplating such things can give us a different perspective. By sharing and expressing our feelings, we can start to feel better about the situation. This process can enable us to see the way through or around the problems.

There are many moments of joy in these troubled times. The streets of York might be empty of visitors, but isn’t it incredible to be able to roam around them without the crowds? Despite the inevitable effects of being locked down, we are forced to look at our surroundings in a different way and find a new way of appreciating everything around us.

So, I offer you here the reflections of a crisis from the musings of two amazing artists and hope that the results of their creativity will lift your spirits through the process of them sharing their views on the strange world that we currently inhabit….

and, isn’t it a relief to know that Trump no longer has his finger near the button that sets of the nukes?

Before writing this I had to pop put to buy some coffee …. the Minster looked splendid in the January sunshine, so I stopped and took a few photos

Tuesday 29 Dec 2020

RIP John Maltby artist potter


I’m sorry to have just heard that John has passed away, presumably just before Christmas. On 24 dec my inbox was flooded with enquiries about his work and the two pieces that I had for sale were sold on 26 December – these have now been sent to the lucky buyers. It is testament to the amount of respect and love for John Maltby as a potter and artist that so many people are wanting to find a piece of of his work to purchase. He will be sadly missed. I have great memories from my many visits to Stoneshill Pottery over the past 8 years. He was always grateful to see me but would only let me purchase a dozen or so pieces at any one visit.  I would sit with him for about 45 minutes drinking coffee in his kitchen before we got down to the business of choosing figures or animals. He would always prefer me to make a list of the items that I took, and I would work out how much I owed him after getting back to York. He was very trusting and I would be careful not to compromise that trust. He would always want me to sell the items for a price that was affordable to the buyers, even though I could have sold them for much more. if he found out that anyone was buying them cheaply from him and selling them at too high a price, he would stop supplying that person. So it is with great sadness that there will be no more meetings with John, but he will be remembered as a great character in the world of potting and also as a significant artist. Terry Brett Pyramid Gallery Dec 2020


Friday 18 Dec 2020

Things are going reasonably well – considering the challenges. Although sales are probably half that we would expect at this time of year, the finances of the business are okay, due mostly to the grants that the government have put in place. York itself is a more pleasant place for shoppers this year. More relaxed and less crowded. Fewer crowds of drunken revellers. We like this! I can run the shop with fewer staff, which helps to keep costs down. The only downside is that the artists themselves are selling fewer items. I feel bad about that! But at least I know that we can keep going. It is probably that for most of January we will be open fewer hours each day, and staff will be mostly furloughed. But near the end of January we have an exhibition that is being curated by artist Lesley Birch and ceramist Emily Stubbs. I am looking forward to that and am keen to invite customers in for some sort of opening (still with social distancing I fear). Watch this space! Thank you everyone who has been into the shop and everyone who has purchased online. Very much appreciated by us and the artists.

On a personal front, i am pleased to be able to announce that my daughter Suzy gave birth to a baby girl (Jasmin) on wednesday evening. Mother and baby are doing fine, but sadly I cannot yet meet my new granddaughter! Hopefully within the next three weeks!


14 December 2020

Last week I made a trip down to Devon  to collect new work from Blandine Anderson and then to Somerset to collect glass from WILL SHAKSPEARE and some utterly stunning glass sculptures from JAMES DEVEREUX in BATH. This are all out on display now in the gallery and also available for purchase by clicking on our CHRISTMAS COLECTION page.
It was an interesting trip – normally I would stay overnight at Blandines farm, but with the Covid situation, this was not possible. Blandine supplied me with a homemade Cornish Pasty and cake, for which I was really grateful. I stopped off at Lynn Muir’s studio on the way home and then at Will Shakspeare’s studio in Somerset. Thank you Will for the cider that we drank from your magnificent goblets! And for this incredible scent bottle that you described as the favourite piece you have made – now available here


perfume bottle
MM perfume bottle inspired by Maurice Marinot and made by Will Shakspeare
James Devereux glass
James Devereux with Kopis Pair, photo Simon Bruntnell


we have also change our Allure! Jeweller of the Month shop window display, which now features the work of Pateley Bridge jewellers Debbie Moxon and Ian Simm, who have supplied Pyramid Gallery on and briefly off, since its opening in 1982. Please click HERE for the ALLURE! page

So, here now is a tale relating to the trip to Devon and Somerset….

I had to hire a car for this trip because my partner Gill needed the car we share in order to visit her parents who are both in need of care (one was temporarily in hospital) . I booked a Vauxhall Corsa size vehicle, but the company upgraded my booking and gave me a very sporty looking Audi. It had all sorts of sophisticated onboard smart computer driving aids. It took me the whole of 6 hours driving to Devon to get the hang of all the smart stuff. Everything was going fine until I got to my accommodation for the night in Street, where I had booked a room at an incredibly cheap rate. I needed to unload the artwork from the car into my room, so I drove as close as I could to the door and carried all the boxes to the room. When I got back to the the car, I realised I had driven the wrong down a driveway that was the access to the car park. So I had to reverse out the way I had gone in. The car had a beeping system to warn about reversing into the things. The trouble here is that our own car also has a warning system. On our car, the beepers go off whether you are close to something or not, because of a fault in one of the sensors. So when the beepers went off in the new Audi, it was just normal to me. They kept on beeping right up the point where I hit a fence post that was black, against a dark shadowy background. The fence was a divider between the car driveway and the pedestrian path. I wa only going slowly, but the impact broke the plastic bumper, destroyed a sensor and smashed a rear light.  I still don’t know the consequences of all this. Luckily I had taken out the full insurance package to reduce liability to zero – but I suspect there are might be some exclusions in the small print of that policy.

The good part of this is that I could not sleep afterwards. Every time I tried to sleep I got angry with myself. So, I decided to stay awake and use the time to create my cartoon rabbit Christmas Card. Here is the result……  please come into the shop if you would like a copy.

Page 3 – Digit at Christmas with Ludwig van Beethoven



Tuesday 1 Dec 2020 – Listen to Jorvik Radio 7pm WEDS 2nd


york press rabbits
please click to read the article at CHARLEHUTCHPRESS Good Rabbits Gone is featured in the York Press on sat 28 November 2020

Such a fantastic response from the York Press centrefold on Saturday. A lady called Joyce came to me on Saturday and showed me the article. I was immensely happy! I have had requests for books following the article and lots of donations, taking the total to about £1500 for St. Leonard’s Hospice. And today a very nice guy called Miles Salter (a poet and organiser of things) came and interviewed me for JORVIK RADIO 94.8FM and online at

the interview (about 10 minutes) will be part of The Arts Show with Miles Salter, Graeme Smith at 7pm to 8pm TONIGHT (Weds 2nd Dec)

     Please click HERE to go straight to new art and jewellery


Tomorrow we re-open. I’m slightly anxious …. I have got used to a fairly relaxed approach to everything recently. I sit in the shop for hours on end, answering internet enquiries and packing things up for posting out. I seem to be working almost all the hours that I am awake, but at a gentle pace. It’s not unpleasant. But tomorrow could be a bit crazy. We shall have to try and give time to customers, but are aware that there will be pressure from customers who cannot come into the shop immediately. It will be frustrating for customers who have to wait outside. But, I will leave the table with my cartoon books outside for people to read. Hopefully this will help make the short wait more enjoyable!

To book a slot early in the morning or after 4.45pm until 7pm – please use the Booking facility HOW to BOOK a SLOT HERE


woodcuts by Naoko Matsubara with poetry by Penny Boxall


Friday  27 November 2020 – Tier 2 for York re-opening Weds 2 Dec with early morning and late evening exclusive bookings at Pyramid Gallery


I feel sorry for anyone running a pub or cafe at this time. It doesn’t seem right to me that they cannot serve customers in the controlled way that was adopted in summer. However, from my perspective, running a gallery and shop, I am grateful that we are going to be welcoming customers in again next thursday. And I think the streets will be quieter than normal, which is good for us.  There will be the same restrictions as before, in that we will only allow two groups in at a time, and no more than 6 in the shop. I feel quite relaxed about things at the moment and a confident that we can do enough trade between now and Christmas to survive what will be a very quiet January. We are running the booking system in December with extended hours. So if you wish, you can book an exclusive visit early morning or late afternoon and into the evening.


Fundraising for St Leonard’s Hospice  £1099


In the meantime I continue to post out items purchased online and am carrying on the charity table. St Leonard’s Hospice have just informed me that during November we have collected a total £650 in the boxes outside the shop. With the money donated direct via JustGiving, the total raised now is £1099. I am delighted with that. The positive reaction of people walking past the shop has buoyed me up during a period that could have felt quite bleak. It’s been really nice being able to chat to people.  Thank you everyone who has contributed


       Please click HERE to go straight to new art and jewellery


Please help me raise £3000 – link to Just Giving  St Leonard’s Hospice CLICK HERE


Tuesday  24 November 2020 – charity money is coming in

I have been placing a table outside the shop almost everyday for over two weeks now, with free items from the stock room. Inviting passers by to take something home and put a bit of money in the St. Leonard’s Hospice charity box. One of them is almost full and now too risky to leave outside, even though it is wired to the window security grills. I think there will be over £300 in the three boxes. I have already taken two boxes in to St. Leonard’s and they sent me a nice letter thanking me for £212. It really lifted my mood when I opened the letter and spurred me on to collect more. I have also asked Charles Hutchinson to do a bit of promotion about this. So he interviewed me via email and has put this on his website  at CharlesHutchPress please click to read what he has put together. But my article it will not be there forever, so be quick! To see the Christmas Collectin with ANITA KLEIN please click HERE


Some people are intrigued as to why I am giving stuff away. I decided I needed a Feel Good project and a way to interact with people during lockdown 2. Sitting in a shop all day that is closed is not very stimulating. But this has been a very positive and uplifting experience for me. It has cost me nothing as everything I am giving away has been paid for a long time ago (some items over 20 years ago) and it has felt very cleansing. The stock room shelves are looking tidier! There are over 60 magnetic bracelets that have been sitting in boxes on shelves ever since we decided not to sell them anymore about 6 years ago. These are leather bracelets made by Antonio Chimol in Barcelona. Nicely made. I sold hundreds of them in 2008 to 2014 and they served the business well at a time when it had been affected by the financial crash. I still wear these bracelets. But, they were a nuisance. Some customers would spend up to an hour with bracelets all over the counter, trying to chose a bracelet. Sometimes they would be purchased as a gift an the returned for a different size. So we simply put them away in the stock room. Fi will be delighted to find that they will have all gone by the time she comes back to take the helm again!
I reckon I need to raise another £2000 to get close to my target. Please come and say hello if you are in York, pick up a book and put a few coins in the cans. The table will be outside the gallery from about 11am everyday, except Sunday until Tuesday 1st December
On Wednesday 2nd December the shop will be open again, to just 2 groups at a time, maximum 6 people.


So that we can serve more people, it is now possible to book a private viewing for 30 minutes either early morning or early evening on weekdays only. The booking system is on our home page here BOOKING a VISIT



Monday 16 November 2020 Lockdown II

What a strange time to be trading!! Lockdown II commenced on 5 November. Personally, I’m not sure it was necessary, as we already had quite severe restrictions that prevented gatherings or visits to others homes. The only difference seems to be that all shops, pubs and cafes are closed, and no overnight accommodation can be booked, which effectively halts all tourism. However, the streets of York are still busy with day visitors, and thankfully local residents. I have to be at the gallery to collect deliveries, unpack them and price things up and answer the phone. But all staff are on furlough, so I have to be there all the time. On the first day of lockdown I made decision to place a table outside the gallery with copies of my cartoon book ‘Good Rabbits Gone’ and a collecting box for the charity that it supports, St. Leonard’s Hospice 

It has been a great shame that having produced the book, I have not been able to arrange a proper launch with the charity, for which I aim to raise £3000 by donations for 300 limited edition copies of the book. However the act of placing it and a collecting tin outside everyday feels like a positive action. So far, about 30  have been picked up from the table. People can take the book away, read it, then go online to the JustGiving page to make the donation


link to Just Giving  St Leonard’s Hospice CLICK HERE

Then I decided to root through my stock room shelves for items that have been sat there for years. I am putting these out on the table as well – for anyone to take away for FREE or, hopefully for a donation to St Leonard’s. This has been great fun. It feels like a very positive response to the situation. A gesture of goodwill that makes everyone, including me, feel good. At first I simply put the items out there and closed the door, so that I could attend to all the email enquiries and process items for despatch that have sold from the website ( there have been about 20 sales from the website so far during 12 days of Lockdown trading – not enough for the business, but all greatly appreciated!)
Then after a few days, one of the homeless guys, Andy who sits outside ‘Links’ which closed back in February, told me that a homeless drug addict had told Andy’s partner Tanya, that he was planning to steal the collection box.  Tanya stopped him from doing this as he approached the table. Stealing the collection box would have been difficult without wire cutters. I have it tied to the building with 2 sets of wire, and also tied by a further invisible thread that I hope a thief would not notice. So Andy and Tanya have become my Neighbour Watch. I gave them cakes that I had just purchased from Thomas the Baker as a reward. I also sometimes give them small amounts of money on days that trade has been ok.
And also, as a further precaution I have moved my computer to the front of the shop so that I can sit there with the door open. This had added a different dimension to the whole project. I can now chat to visitors and hear their reaction to the table of FREE STUFF. I am not earning much from the business at the moment (probably just making enough for the rent to the National Trust), but I am having a very nice time! It’s not just about money and I feel very fortunate that I am able to carry on running the gallery and enjoying every day doing it. I feel very confident that the Christmas shoppers will come in droves when we reopen on 3 December.
And thank you everyone who has purchased online or came shopping in October (which was our best October on record, thanks to early Christmas shoppers and a buyer in France of a very expensive piece of glass by Colin Reid – thank you Markus!)
Coming soon….. The GLASS COLLECTION opening on 7 December with work by
Dreya Bennett
Fiaz Elson
Hannah Gibson
Jon Lewis
Yoshiko Okada
David Reekie
Morag Reekie
Layne Rowe
Will Shakspeare
Helen Slater
Cara Wassenberg
Darren Weed
plus a fine selection of Art Glass for sale in the permanent Pyramid Collection including work by Colin Reid, Bruno Romanelli, Peter Layton, Anthony Scala, Bruce Marks, Joseph Harrington
Opening on 7 December and running until 20 January

       Please click the picture to go straight to new art and jewellery

Terry with Good Rabbits Gone during Lockdown II
Terry working at front of the shop, guarding the charity box and chatting


we sold a stunning Colin Reid ‘Still Life with Sunflowers’ in October, very similar to this piece that is also for sale



Previous posts…….

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Click on the picture for a video of Terry talking to William Watson-West

Thursday 15 October 2020 Isolation!!

So, I am currently 5 days into isolation due to my partner Gill contracting Covid19. She is fine (bit of a cough and loss of taste and sense of smell) and I appear to be IMMUNE ! But despite having a negative test (taken on Sunday) I have to isolate for as long as Gill is isolating, which is until Sunday.

I am so fortunate that Fi is willing and able to run the shop on her own, all week! On Saturday though, we will only open from 12 til 4pm, because Fi needs a break. I will not be back in to the shop until Tuesday, just to make sure.

Anyway, I am able to work at home and pleased that we have been able to benefit from this website that is bringing in some sales, thanks to the efforts of Sarah who has been working hard to populate the website with many images of jewellery that can be quickly viewed by clicking  HERE and scrolling down

And thank you KATE PETTITT who has been working hard for her display of paintings at ART&, which was cancelled, leaving Kate with big framing bills to pay. We have been able to offer Kate the back room to hang some magnificent paintings which can be viewed right now by CLICKING HERE


Thank you City of York council for making the bold but obviously correct decision to cancel the Christmas Market this year.  This will mean that York will not be overloaded with shoppers from far away who come in droves by coach.

Christmas shopping will once again be a pleasant experience for all. I am so relieved.

Pyramid Gallery will be open as usual to two groups at any one time. AND we will be open later than usual by appointment ONLY, via our booking system. We will only open in the evening if someone books in.

Thank you for looking!   Terry

(I know you will be wondering – How come I think I am immune? I have come to this conclusion because I have not isolated from Gill who has tested positive and was told by track and trace that she had contact with an infected person 9 days ago. I had a test on Sunday at the same time as Gill, which says I was negative then and I have not had any symptoms since. But apart from that I have a theory. Last December, Gill had an fever and terrible cough that kept her in bed for a few days. I must have caught whatever she had, but didn’t have symptoms. We think this was Covid. Gill’s immunity has worn off and she has caught the virus again – maybe a different strain. But I was exposed to the virus again in March when I visited my daughter, just before she isolated and while her husband was feverish and in bed. This second exposure has maybe strengthened my immunity. It’s just a theory. I am very grateful that I am not infected, when I have obviously been exposed to the virus for several days.)

Thursday 1 October 2020 New arrivals

We have set up a new exhibition in the front gallery with stunning paintings by WILLIAM WATSON WEST and ceramics by MAGGY GARDINER and BARRY STEDMAN. It’s a shame we cannot have an opening, but please come and see. We have a booking system on this website which can be used to book a slot for an exclusive visit everyday except Sundays when Pyramid is closed.

But, most people are just coming in. We can allow a maximum of two groups at any one time, with a maximum of 6. We are are finding this quite acceptable, with everyone wearing masks and being careful to distance Please click on the picture above to see all the new work.

Click on the picture for a video of Terry talking to William Watson-West

I am so grateful to all the people who have been into the gallery or looked online in recent months. It feels at the moment as if everything for Pyramid Gallery will be fine, though there are many challenges. The biggest challenge in the run up to Christmas is serving that of serving customers fast enough to meet our targets. Usually the shop gets busier and busier right up to Christmas Eve. We serve as many people in the 10 days before Christmas as we do in any other month. But if we have to restrict the numbers in the shop at any one time, then we will not be able to serve enough customers in any one day. Hence we must sell more on this website, which is a daunting prospect.

To enable this to happen we have been asking some of our jewellers to each send a batch of say 12 items that they can make 3 copies of. These are already now on this website, with the idea that if one sells, then we can leave that item on the website and quickly restock the item. This will help enormously, as it can take 10 to 15 minutes to add any new item to the website. And then we can have more individual pieces by the same jewellery makers for display in the gallery. Some of the individual pieces will also be displayed on this website.

As new work comes in for Christmas, I will send out more eLetters with the details.

We have also been focusing on social media, in particular via Instagram. The home page of this website includes our Instagram posts at the bottom of the page. Please help the artists who are featured on our instagram feeds by sharing them.

Next week we will be taking down the show by Jo Walton. There is just Friday and Saturday left to view this show in the gallery. We have loved having Jo’s rust and plaster paintings on the walls. They will stay on this website even after the show has gone

And then …..  there will be a new selection of work by KATE PETTITT – Kate has been working hard on new paintings ready for the now cancelled art event known as Art&.  She has spent a lot of money framing these new magnificent landscapes and seascapes.  PLEASE Come and see the results in Pyramid Gallery after Monday 5th October

meanwhile …..  I have been preparing a book of cartoons……

Please help me raise my target of £3000 for St. Leonard’s Hospice

by buying ‘Good Rabbits Gone’ limited edition book with all proceeds going to the hospice

All the details are in the link below. I am asking for £10 to be donated for each book. If you donate £12 I will post the book to you, but I need to know your name and address, which you can text to me on

078 0502 9254

If £10 is more than you wish to donate, then please come into the shop and simply take a book and put a bit of money into the collecting box

The books are limited edition in an edition of 300 and signed by me (using my pen name ‘Bertt deBaldock’)

Thank you for reading all this!

link to Just Giving HERE

all proceeds go to the charity, Terry

Good Rabbits Gone by Terry Brett aka Bertt deBaldock


Tuesday 8 September 2020 New arrivals and a book of Rabbits

It’s been a strange summer!

But there have been many positive aspects to life. For me, I am taken aback by the lovely encounters that I have had with many customers who have come into the gallery in June, July and August. Some are people that I have known for many years and others who have recently discovered Pyramid Gallery. Having come through the challenges posed by lockdown and April, trying to run a business behind brown papered windows in May and working out a new way of working in June, I have found the contact with friendly faces (even behind a mask!) to be extremely heart warming and encouraging. The whole thing has reminded me that this business is all about people. It is people that make each day joyous and worthwhile.

I do not much like the idea of an ‘online’ business, but have had to come to terms with it. There were times in June that I struggled to keep up with the internet sales. But they helped keep the business afloat, and for that I am grateful to everyone who placed an order on our website, or simply rang me for information about something seen on the website.

So, going ahead, I now have a plan that will take us through to the new year. Sarah, who is now back off furlough and working 3 days a week has been busy adding jewellery and ceramics to the website. This is in preparation for the Christmas ‘online’ rush. One of the problems with internet selling is the time it takes to add each product. Each item can take 15 to 30 minutes.

So, to make this more efficient, i have invited many of our jewellers to submit 12 items that they consider best-sellers. They have sent these pieces to us now and I am paying the makers for them in advance, on the basis that they will make three copies of each piece. This enables us to take 3 sales on the internet. It also means that the jewellers themselves are getting a bit of income earlier, with the promise of more sales in October , November and December.

But, please do not despair about this business like approach!  I know that it is not normally how we operate. So, to keep things interesting and exciting, the same makers will also send us their exhibition work for display in our cabinets. And much of that work will also go on the website.

One of the other things we have learnt is that we can operate behind a locked door. Or, simply a stool blocking the door. We are letting 1 group of people come in (sometimes two groups, if we feel this is safe and that one of those groups looks upstairs while the first group gets our undivided attention). This has been working very well. I think many of our customers enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that has resulted from fewer people in the shop.

I am pleased and relieved to be able to say ‘The future is looking OK’ for the gallery.

From September the 14th, both Fiona and Sarah will be working their usual hours. This will give me some time out, starting with a full week away between the 12th and 18th.

When I come back, I will arrange some sort of evening launch of my book of rabbits. I have drawn cartoons for many years and on 10th January 2016 I felt the need to draw David Bowie, in the form of a rabbit. It helped me cope with the shocking news that he had died.  I carried on drawing celebrities who died and putting them on facebook and twitter. Now they are in a book, which I am giving away in return for a donation to St Leonard’s Hospice. The entire donation goes to the charity.

Please help me raise my target of £3000

All the details are in the link below. I am asking for £10 to be donated for each book. If you donate £12 I will post the book to you, but I need to know your name and address, which you can text to me on

078 0502 9254

If £10 is more than you wish to donate, then please come into the shop and simply take a book and put the money into the collecting box

The books are limited edition in an edition of 300 and signed by me (using my pen name ‘Bertt deBaldock’)

Thank you for reading all this!


Good Rabbits Gone by Terry Brett aka Bertt deBaldock


Wednesday 15 July 2020 – the Opening of York Printmakers

Today is the launch of our Online only EXHIBITION for York Printmakers. I wish we could have hung the work in the gallery and had a proper opening, but it is just not possible. So instead we have offered the York Printmakers group a different arrangement whereby…

The gallery commission is reduced (so that the artists can either sell at a lower price or receive a bigger payment for work sold

The artist will deliver or send the items as they are sold

Pyramid Gallery will promote the artists via our newsletter, website and social media, all through the rest of summer (what summer? I hear you say…  I am sure it is coming back!)

Please click on the banner above to go direct to the Online Exhibition

Thank you for looking, and thank you on behalf of the artists for any purchases you might make. Terry Brett, Pyramid Gallery



Friday 3 July 2020 – re-opening by appointment

Today I have made the important decision to bring some of the team back into the gallery on half time/half furlough. Yes…. Fi will be back on Monday morning, getting me organised again and chatting to all our lovely customers. And Sarah will be in Monday afternoon and starting work again on the website. I have been doing the website while Sarah has been furloughed and it is getting depleted of things to buy. I have been kept busy with websales and this has prevented me from attending to the important and time consuming matter of adding new items.

One thing that has been added is the booking system. I don’t feel ready to simply opening the doors to the public. I feel uncomfortable about people who I do not know just walking in, especially if I am on my own. I feel uncomfortable, because it is difficult to gauge whether the customer is comfortable with the situation in a small space. It’s much easier for me if I know that the person coming into my shop has been in before! So I have commissioned my webdesigner ( Mark Richards of The Creative Agency) to provide me with a booking system.

If you wish to come and browse in Pyramid, you can either

a. KNOCK on the DOOR (and if no other customer is in, we will let you in)

b. Log into this website and BOOK a TIME SLOT on our booking system. Hopefully, if it as good as Mark promised, then it will also send a text to your phone as a reminder.

We have so far taken small steps to precautions, which are as follows:

  1. One person or one family group at a time. The door is then locked. (however, with those peoples permission, I have sometimes allowed another in, but only if both agree)
  2. We have some hand gel and invite the customer to use that
  3. We have rubber gloves for when we are using the till and card machine
  4. We will try and get visors for staff to wear next week, but at the time of writing, I do not have these.

That’s it, so far, but on Monday we shall decide some other procedures. In my view (and this is based on the science that I have heard on Radio 4 !) the virus is not likely to pass from one person to another if that person is not showing symptoms, but to make sure, both should wash hands often and not rub eyes or touch face. The social distancing requirement of 1 metre separation should also be adhered to.

The brass door handle is made of mostly copper and copper kills the virus within 4 hours. So we will wash that from time to time.

As for jewellery, it would seem that silver also kills the virus quite quickly, but current advice seems to suggest that it can live on metal surfaces for anything up to 5 days. We will isolate any jewellery or other items or clean it before re-displaying. We will offer disposal gloves to anybody who wants to handle items in the shop

We shall also be washing our counter between customers.

We will be careful and restrict the numbers of people coming in, but would recommend to anyone coming into Pyramid Gallery that they wear their own gloves to make sure they are really safe.

This week has been a good one for sales. For the first time in 3 months, my weekly sales are on a par with a normal June week.  This is mostly due to a gold and diamond ring by Diana Porter being paid for and collected on Tuesday, and yesterday the very pleasing sale of a large screenprint by Sir Terry Frost.  But many others have made purchases this week as well, including

Helen Martino pots today, a Naomi James ring today, Karen Thomas Earrings, a Michael Simpson hare and two mice, a Brian Dawson flying wooden bird, Ruth Claydon earrings, a Tom Payne ceramic man,  a David Meredith bronze snail, a Dinny Pocock Wren and Penny Warren Studs

Thank you everyone who has come in or phoned and made purchases – you have renewed my faith in this wonderful business that has survived all sorts of challenges and traumas over the past 26 years in which in have been running it! It’s all about people – those who make the work, those who work in here, those who purchase the work and those enjoy wearing it or displaying it in their homes. Thank you so much! Terry


Monday 15 June 2020

So, I can open today if I wish. SKY News came and visited me at 12 noon and did a live interview with the reporter Gerard Tubb and camera inside the shop and me standing out in the street! I told them that I would not be opening, except by appointment. And that I would like to see an initiative to help landlords halve the rents.

Lots of people have emailed me to say they saw it go out live, so I am very excited about that! You can watch it by clicking below

I will not be opening just yet – I don’t feel up to that challenge yet. But I hope to start an appointments system in about two weeks time, that will be online. In the mean time, if you in town and want to come and look, just bang on the door and I will let you in, if nobody else is in, and then lock the door again. But, the shop will not be sterilised or disinfected. I have got hand gel though. I can wear a mask too. There will be some work at reduced prices. Some of those will appear on the Strange Days summer show webpage , so please come and look here regularly over the next few weeks. Basically, I am going to be trying to clear my stockroom – and there is a lot of stuff in there that I have put away over the years, because I just cannot bear to see it go back to the artist. Also, some artists have offered to reduce their prices on exhibition work that we have had in the gallery recently. I need to build up a fund that will pay the overheads through to next Spring! Some items on this website are already reduced, but more will be added everyweek.


Also, at the same time, I was talking to many of our artists in the chat room at BCTF , British Craft Trade Fair, where today I presented the BCTF AWARD for EXCELLENCE which is sponsored by Pyramid Gallery. I did my presentation by means of a video. The winner is Erum Aamir  ceramics and the runners up are Caroline Finlay   and Dreya Bennett Glass

We shall be exhibiting the work of all three winners in 2021, or before

Silver and vitreous enamel ring by Caroline Finlay
Dreya Bennett Glass Breaking Wave this framed picture comprises fused glass on a glass base. Framed in white 50 x 50cm

I still do not know how to proceed with opening the shop. I would need two staff always, one just to control the door so that only 1 customer could be in. So I’m not opening in June. I have worked almost every day since mid April, with just 6 days off, though much of that at home. I want to take a view days off to visit my new grandson who was born on April 27th and also to sit and watch the re-run of the best Glastonbury gigs, over the weekend of 27th

Saturday 13 June 2020

York is preparing itself for re-opening of shops on Monday 15th June. I’m not……. but I am now working at the gallery everyday. There is so much to do, with all the online sales activity (alot of queries from potential customers, and quite a few very nice sales from this website)

I have just taken an order for a sunflower glass sculpture by Colin Reid. This is very exciting (always is when a big piece of glass is sold). We are asking Colin to make a new one, like the piece we have here, because it is to be sent to an address in France.  But I am keeping the existing piece, just in case our customer decides to have the one he has already seen. Either way, I shall still have one and the customer will have the one he likes best.

Thursday 28 May 2020

This month seems to have passed very quickly! Maybe because it has been mostly sunny. Since writing the previous entry here, I feel I have been spending much more time working for the business and less time indulging in drawing rabbits. I have been in the gallery much more. And that is because there have been many websales. Thank everyone who has click and purchased!

Sales have been better than I had expected. The only problem for me is that it difficult to keep up with. Web sales are hard work compared to gallery sales. And because we have been selling online, I feel more pressure to keep the website up to date. I find that I can only work at the computer for so long – it makes me sleepy!

As for re-opening the shop, I am not planning to do this quickly. Because of the restricted space near the staircase, I feel we cannot conform to the rules about distancing. So instead, I will devise a way for customers to book a time slot. I shall have to have a phone-in system. Or I can just let people bang on the door!

I have added more items on our exhibition that is still on display in the gallery (until Monday evening, when much of Piers Browne’s wonderful etchings and paintigs of the Yorkshire Dales will be taken down and returned).  Helen Martino’s, Hannah Arnup’s and Anne Marie Fieber’s work will remain here for a while and I shall make sure there is a good representation of that work on this website. Please take a look ….

Thursday 7 May 2020

We have a new website!   A more secure site with neater operation and appearance on a mobile device. If there any problems you experience with it, please do let me know

I have received my first three week’s Workers Retention Scheme grant – it works! I can claim for my second period of three weeks now. All 4 members of the team are remaining on furlough. I am having to do everything myself. It’s very difficult to keep up with it all. I’m not as efficient as Fi at the admin and not used to working so many hours at the computer. However, I having managed to get 80% of the exhibition for the CGS on the website. I am aiming to get the rest done by the end of Friday.  Last night I gave a talk to 49 CGS members in a Zoom meeting that lasted about 45 minutes. It was a very stimulating and enjoyable experience. If I find a way of sharing the recording of the talk with you all, then I will put it on here

We have had several orders for things over the internet or telephone this week. Thank you everyone for your continued support.  Stay Safe. Terry x


Saturday 2 May 2020

well, today would have been the opening of our Glass exhibition Life Forms. We started planning the exhibition early in 2019, with the Contemporary Glass Society. 87 glass artists applied to be in the show and during a long session in December, glass artist Effie Burns, CGS Administrator Pam Reekie and I picked 34 applicants to exhibit their work. Such a lot of work has been put into this show, especially by the artists, that we simply couldn’t just abandon it because of Corona Virus. Here’s the thing….. The show was inspired by the 200th anniversary of the launch of HMS Beagle on 11 May 1818. The very ship that took Charles Darwin on two voyages to the Galapagos. The very ship that enabled the study of 15 different species of Finches on 15 islands that provided Darwin with clear evidence that life forms evolved according the principle of ‘survival of the fittest’. And that all these millions of life forms have evolved from simple cell creatures and bacteria. Likewise the viruses. And it is a virus that has caused this exhibition to be postponed, in the strangest of circumstances.

We cannot let this magnificent exhibition be postponed. So, here it is offered for your pleasure as an ONLINE EXHIBITION. Next year in March, we hope to show the actual glass exhibits. But right now you may purchase any of the exhibits here and now.

This has been quite difficult for me. I normally do some of the website, but my assistant Sarah does the bulk of it. Sarah is on furlough, so I am having to prepare every image and every word. I find that it sends me to sleep. I can only process the pictures for about an hour, then I need to go outside. Each maker entry and a few products tends to take about 40 minutes to prepare. So, it isn’t yet finished! Please come and look again on wednesday, when all will be done.

Also on wednseday I am presenting a ZOOM lecture to the Contemporary Glass Society. If you are a member (any one can join Contemporary Glass Society) then you will receive an invitation to the ZOOM lecture, which will occur at 7.30pm on weds 6th. Hopefully, there will be a video recording of it. I will put a link up on this page. Part of the lecture will be the animation that I have produced for my Youtube channel. A link to that is going to be put on the Life Forms web page which can be accessed by clicking the picture above.

Lockdown and Pyramid Gallery

People ask me how we are coping with the lockdown situation. It is going well. We have had many sales via this website and over the phone and the shop income for April was about 20% the normal total. This is survivable, thanks to the grant that I received (see below) and the cancelling of business rates. I have applied recently for the first 3 weeks furlough payment. But not yet received the money… probably because I have since discovered that I got the dates wrong. People who know me well will know that I seem to have date dyslexia. How can I possibly have got the dates wrong on such an important application?

HMRC Furlogh Application

Well, it is because I worked out the date from the calendar as start date mon 23rd March until sunday 12th April. But the process to login and enter all the staff details on the HMRC website took so long, that when I came to enter the start date, I took the date from the payslip for the first week. The pay week starts monday but the programme that I use puts the submission date on the payslip, which happened to be a Tuesday (the 24th March). That’s how I got it wrong. Who knows what happens now? It could take hours of phone calls to resolve. I have been admonishing myself for this error every morning every afternoon and every evening for 6 days now.

SQUINTY McGINTY will present another Crescent Cabaret in York on Friday 16th October

The only thing that has distracted me from the lurking dread in my brain was watching Steve Huison on television last night – they showed the Full Monty on BBC last night in which Steve (who is Squinty McGinty in the forth coming second Crescent Cabaret on friday 16 October 2020) played the part of ‘Lomper’ in what has to be one of the most entertaining films ever made. Tickets for the cabaret will be available when we are sure that the lockdown will end.



Terry’s Blog……

Saturday 18 April 2020

Today would have been the main event for York Open Studios.  The many artists who had been selected for this years event have been busy all winter making work and painting pictures. Their studios are full. So Pyramid Gallery has put together the Strange Days, Art behind the Doors, to enable art lovers to find some of that work online . Please have a look by clicking the picture  or  CLICK HERE

And also still available are all the items in the terrific exhibition FULL SUNLIGHT – still out on display in the gallery! but available for purchase  by CLICKING HERE

Full Sunlight- an exhibition of paintings and etchings by Wensleydale artist PIERS BROWNE

I’m delighted that we have already had a few substantial sales and thank those who have made purchases. We offer free delivery in York or any YO postcode.  To get that free delivery at the moment, please contact me directly and I will arrange payment for you and discuss how to get the work to you. If you use the website to purchase, it will automatically add £7.95 at the check out.  (we are working on a different way to apply delivery cost and the new website should be ready during the coming week)

I am feeling very positive about the business at the moment – we have received the RETAIL BUSINESS GRANT, which will help pay the overheads and rent. The interest we have had in the website is really encouraging. Planning for the end of lockdown is going to be challenging, but I expect I will do that gradually – opening just a few hours to start with and keeping the staff furloughed as long as possible . There will not be any tourists for a long while. Most of our business is with regulars who live close to York, so I shall make it very clear the times of opening when it happens.

and of course we can easily do GIFT VOUCHERS and send these in the post

Pyramid Gallery Gift Voucher – phone Terry on 078 0502 9254 to purchase

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Tuesday Afternoon 14 April 2020

Relief!   I have just received an email confirming that I will be receiving the Retail Business Grant, withing the next two days!

Thank you City of York Rates department – I am eternally grateful to you.

Suddenly I feel less anxious. I can start to plan, and not worry about the next few months.

I can perhaps now say why I was anxious. When I received the letter from the council about applying for the grant, I noticed to my horror that my ex-wife Elaine was still listed as a partner in the business partnership that was Pyramid Gallery. That was 12 years ago. Up until last October, she was still a leaseholder. But i renewed the lease in October in just my name.  I didn’t think to tell the council about this change and I was worried that it would invalidate my claim to the grant. Thankfully, officialdom has looked and this and made the right decision. It would have been awful to have not been able to access these funds, just because I forgot to fill in a form 6 months previous! PHEW

Tuesday Morning 14 April 2020

I have convinced myself over the bank holiday that my application for a Retail Business will be refused. And today, there is no evidence that I have been given this vital grant. I try to contact the Rates department at York City council, but am told (by a friendly person) that I can only do so by email. I haven’t received a reply to my email and haven’t received the money. It is very frustrating

I am kind of resigned to this being a very prolonged issue! so instead am making plans for how to carry on the business even if I cannot get the grant. I have formulated a plan that is workable, that I cannot explain here at the moment. But I know that I can keep the gallery going in the premises that we currently occupy. The only problem is, I think I will make very little income over the next twelve months. Still better than closing!

The problems ahead are these…..  When lockdown finishes, I shall have to open the shop. But there will be very few customers. There will be no tourists. Many of my regular customers will feel less likely to come into the city, because the scary situation that we currently have will not go away. Maybe not for a full year.

Some people will know that they have had the virus and therefore will feel less vulnerable. They will take fewer precautions. But how will the rest of know if we are safe or not? Some of us will carry the new phone app, that will tell us if we have come close to another (also using the phone app) who has symptoms of the virus. Clever though it will be, it will only warn us after being close to another person who reported symptoms of the virus some days later. It doesn’t help us feel safe. So those who have not had the virus, will still not be able to go into the city centre and feel safe.

The dilemma for me, and all other businesses in York, is that , when we are told to reopen, then our staff must come back to work. But there will be no work, and I will not be able to pay the wages.

Still…  I am very fortunate. I have received messages from people that I met in India in February. These are a young couple who were running a small shack selling bedspreads and tourist gifts.  They are at the end of tourist season now and have had a miserable time, as they were in February (due to the collapse of Thomas Cook). Now they have no money and they cannot get food. I asked if the government will provide food and received a text back ‘The Indian government does not give food!’ . At least I am not worried about not being able to get food.

I hope everyone who reads this is safe and well. My worrying about business must seem inappropriate to anyone who is at risk or has a relation who is suffering or in a care home – I know that my concerns are about things far less important than health and well being. I am very grateful for not having to worry about such things and my sympathy goes out to all those who are affected.



10 April 2020 Good Friday

I am unable to sleep and  am writing this at 4.30am having been woken by a dream in which I was in hospital,  my legs and arms having been amputed!    My instinct tells me to get up and go to the river to watch the dawn which will be 6.15am, but first I am wanting to write something on here. That is partly because I have not been able to get everything done, because I cannot do my work effectively (is that surprising , if i believe my limbs have been amputated?)

There are three reasons for this. The first is that I am constantly distracted by social media (much of which is wonderfully creative and fun) and any news about coronavirus and the threat of recession. The second is that everything to do with Pyramid Gallery is now on computer. And using the computer itself makes me sleepy. The third reason is that I am so anxious about waiting to be awarded the Coronavirus Business Grant.

Many businesses in York have already received the grant, but I have heard nothing. I rang the council yesterday, but they would only tell me that I cannot check the position until Tuesday, as there are so many applicants (3400) and the team were working all hours to get through a backlog.

Despite the lockdown, there is much to do in the business. There is all the year end stuff to do, including a stock take. There is re-organising of the stock rooms to do and decorating. But that is made difficult because I cannot go to the waste tip, I cannot go to my rented storeroom at SelfStore, and I cannot visit artists to return framed pictures, which are taking up all the space.

We were to be hosting a major exhibition with the Contemporary Glass Society in May, which has now been postponed. Our intention now is to put a virtual show online, and host the actual show in 2021. But this itself involves many hours looking at the computer screen.

Running a gallery is usually very enjoyable. Just being in a room full of art is enjoyable, and arranging the displays is always a pleasure. But trying to engage with the art via a computer screen does not feel natural. More time is spent preparing images and saving files and writing words about the ‘product’ than is spent looking at the ‘art’.  When I am in the gallery, arranging a new show, I feel motivated, excited and energetic. When I am writing about a show on a computer, I feel I want to be doing something else!

So, the thing to do now …..  create a page on this website for the CGS glass show. Do it quickly, then go and see the dawn and get back in time for breakfast. Gill and I have breakfast in bed every morning at exactly 6.40. It’s a great way to start everyday, that I would recommend to everyone. Forty five minutes of not getting up and not switching on a computer!


2 April 2020

Having closed the gallery on 23 March, the gallery team (Fi, Sarah, Sammy and Ali) have, like most other people, been confined to home, unless taking exercise (once a day) or buying essentials (but not decorating materials).

And for me it means I am running things from home, with occasional visits to the gallery, to check security, watch pigeons and wrap items  for posting. At first I couldn’t bring myself to work. I couldn’t locate my business brain.

So I did this…..   (after looking at the video, press the BACK button to get back here)

and then I did this…
Albert Uzergo was the co-creator of Asterix de Gaul comics

but, I am happy to be able to say that I have recovered from 3 days creative isolation and now able to focus once again on important matters, such as….


Pyramid Gallery staff are all at home. Being creative in their own individual ways, hopefully resting , possibly exercising. Yes, they are all on Furlough. They are being paid 80% of their average wages for not working.  And the government should be applauded for this bizarre arrangement, as it has relieved any thoughts I might have had about having to make redundancies. I approve of the scheme completely and am happy that they can keep safe. But it also gives me a challenge and creates a strange new stress – I am confused as to how to work the scheme. It’s a stress because I am worried about paying more than they are entitled to and then being out of pocket. The HMRC has given some guidance on their website, but leaves me with a sense that something is bound to go wrong. If I do it wrong, will I be able to correct it? or just be left out of pocket. Staff wages is my largest monthly expense. This problem will tip many businesses that are barely profitable over the edge. The website says that I have to register those who are on furlough, but there is nowhere to register. The HMRC are still creating that page of their website. To me, there is clear evidence that successive governments have failed to plan for a pandemic and that they are plucking weird solutions and  schemes out of the air.

Business Grant

I am  very pleased to have been told that I should be entitled to a grant for the shop premises. It’s good. I am grateful at the prospect of a grant, but again there is anxiety…. I now have an expectation that this grant will be paid and with that comes anxiety.   I applied as soon as the website was made available and am now awaiting confirmation that my application has been successful. This is stressful. How long will it take?  My landlord is the National Trust. I have just now paid them the rent for April, in the expectation that the grant will be approved – but what if there is some administrative delay? If I was not expecting the grant, then I would be saying to my landlord that I expect a reduction in rent.  I find it a challenge to exclude such anxieties from my mind. I shall not be able to relax properly until the grant arrives. And, it goes through my mind, I can’t help but think that successive governments have failed to plan for a pandemic and that they are plucking weird solutions and  schemes out of the air.

Help for Self Employed

After much delay, the government announced last week that there would be help for self employed. I watched breakfast BBC eagerly for a full explanation. There was a phone-in with an expert. And now there is confusion. I am self employed (I am not on the PAYE scheme) but I am a ‘sole trader’. The expert stated that the self employed scheme does not apply to ‘sole-traders’. Immediately I phoned my accountant – I was told that I am self employed and would be entitled to the 80% payments. But I am only 80% confident that this is the case.    A payment of 80% will be really welcome. I could just close the gallery completely and pretend I was retired. But I cannot do this…. because I am not certain. And the uncertainty  will carry on until the end of June, because the government have invented this scheme  just last week. The HMRC are not prepared for it and that is because the government have done no planning for a pandemic, and  I do not trust their promises.

Anyway, I can’t just take time off relaxing – I have a shop full of work owned by 150 different artists and I feel responsible for that work and feel that I need to do something for the artists ( who cannot get their self-employed grants until June) . I need to be trying to sell their wonderful creations and I need to be able to say to them that I am doing what I can!



It is Pigeon season. We have such a problem with pigeons in the back yard. I don’t know why, but over the years, pigeons have become more and more of a problem. Those that have been raised in our yard come back and strut about nodding their heads and doing all sorts of strange things. Sometimes several males mob a single female. It’s not nice and their cooing and flapping put Fi off her morning coffee. About 15 years ago, my landlord, the National Trust, replaced our flimsy DIY netting with a high tech tight fitting and taught netting system. For a few years, this new netting was good. It kept the pigeons out. But eventually, the pigeons found that they could squeeze in. I still do not know how they do it. Once they are inside they cannot get out. They try and squeeze out, but get stuck. At first I just thought, well, they are pigeons. Should I be concerned?

But during one really wet summer, a couple of them got stuck and died in the net. I couldn’t get to them. Then a new restaurant opened at the back of our yard and a chef who was taking a cigarette break one night heard a pigeon flapping and called the police. The police contacted me and told me that I had to sort this out or they would have to come round!  So, I cut holes in the net for the pigeons to come and go as they please. For 4 years now, we have regularly stopped them nesting by chasing them and calling them names. This has been working. Especially the name calling. The numbers of active cooing pigeons is down to two. We are on the verge of success. Until Coronavirus.

I put this to you Boris….. ‘How can Fi  shout names at pigeons if she is at home?’

Once again, there is clear evidence that the government has done no planning for a pandemic. They simply have not thought this through. We are going to be overwhelmed by pestilence caused by swarms of pigeons.


Fi doesn’t work Saturdays. but Sarah often takes on the role of Pigeon Shooer. She doesn’t do name calling, but she can stare at them in a particular way that controls their minds. And if Sarah is not there, Sammy gets her sketch book out. She sketches at them and they all start to pose. No eggs are laid if Sammy is sketching. Ali though is happy to leave avian distraction duties to the others.

Now Sunday, if I am working alone, could be a problem. If I go into the yard the pigeons just flock to me, from all over the city. One of them, mostly white with appealing grey tips to its wings, sits on my shoulder and taunts me by cooing into my ear ‘Tesla, Tesla’  but I know it is not telling me about the invention of Alternating Current or about electric cars. This pigeon with its beautiful plumage and endearing coo,  is attempting to tease me by calling me by my least favourite childhood nickname ‘Tezza, Tezza’. So, I try not to go into the yard. Fortunately pigeons don’t lay eggs on Sundays.

if you click the link below, you can read more about pigeons and the invention of Alternating Current

Nikola Tesla and the Pigeons

but you might prefer……..

The exhibition FULL SUNLIGHT which is now in the gallery


and includes new work by PETER LAYTON


please CLICK HERE for the STRANGE DAYS York Artists Exhibition


exhibition of art
Strange Days
online exhibition by York Artists

More of my hang-ups to follow!

thank you for reading, I feel much better now


(PS all these matters are trivial.  I  am really far more concerned about all those whose health and wellbeing are seriously compromised by the effects of Covid19. I am extremely grateful that I am in a position to sit here on my sofa and share these trivial concerns with everyone. I sincerely hope that suffering is kept to a minimum and am concerned and sad for those that are affected. We must now do as the buffoon in charge instructs without complaint, so that the virus is kept at bay. Then we can ask of our government why their own predictions about pandemics have been ignored?)


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