TREVOR PRICE – Exhibition of paintings and original prints

Exhibition runs until 28th November 2017

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The artist Trevor Price (born 1966) specialises in drypoints and etchings that are handmade and hand printed in his studios in London and St. Ives. He studied at Falmouth and Winchester Schools of Art and at the age of 28 was elected a member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and is currently Vice President of the society. Trevor exhibits widely throughout Europe, with regular solo shows of both paintings and original prints. In 2011 at Printfest, which is North Britain’s only annual art fair dedicated to printmaking, Trevor was invited as ‘Printmaker of the Year’. Trevor describes himself as an artist/printmaker, and not just an artist. It is the opportunity to experiment and the diversity of technique that draws him to the medium. Printmaking can be as simple as making some scratches on a piece of metal and inking those grooves and the burr they create (drypoint), to highly sophisticated multi-plate etchings. Variations/experimentation in printmaking can be endless.

Indian Summer (homage to Nicholson and Wallis) drypoint and woodcut
Winter Bay, linocut
Bottles,pots, jugs and mugs. Painting
Contemporary Dance, painting
The Harlequin and the Hare, painting

Woodcut with drypoint and Linocut original prints by Trevor Price,St Ives


Paintings and etchings by Trevor Price until 28 Nov 2017
Paradiso, Glacier and Arrival of Spring ranges
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