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Covid Pandemic – we are currently closed, but Terry is at the gallery everyday, processing orders and packing items for sending out. Please bang on the door if you are passing and he will come out for a socially distanced chat!

When we can open again, we will operate a policy of up to 6 people in at a time in maximum 2 groups. You may book for an exclusive visit early morning and late afternoon


These can be sent out free of postage charge. We keep a record of each voucher, so that if they get lost, we can replace them. They do not expire!


It is difficult for us to keep up to date with the website, hence some items may appear on here for sale, but are not currently available. However, we can often get another piece that is similar.

Please bear with us if things are not quite right with the website – we are used to selling individual items in the gallery shop. Keeping a website up to date is like running a second business! There simply is not enough time to do everything that we would like to do.

However, I do believe we are getting the hang of it. Most customers who use it regularly and shop with us by referring to the website have a pretty satisfactory experience. There have been a few occasions when we have not been able to satisfy an enquiry (sometimes an item that has been for sale on this website, simply cannot be found … it happens. We are not sure why. Maybe the item broke or mysteriously walked out of the shop without being recorded on the computer) In these very very rare events, we do everything we can to make amends – either find a similar item or make a full refund.

Rest assured we are trying our best to meet everyone’s needs and we will keep improving the site to please all


Please try and give us the SKU code of the item that you have been looking at. It helps us quickly find the item at this end



We are putting posts on instagram regularly – please scroll down the screen when on the home page. They appear at the bottom. Please do follow us


please read for light hearted comments on things (CLICK on the IMAGE or HERE)


and our ABOUT page gives the history of the gallery (which goes all the way back to 1982)



Thank you for looking here, It means a great deal to me and the team. Terry, Fiona (Manager and Glasgae Relations Department ), Sarah and Ali x


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