WINTER – an exhibition of 30 glass artists selected by the CGS

Until 14 January 2019

The Contemporary Glass Society, with Pyramid Gallery present an exhibition by 30 selected glass artists

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This 360 deg interactive tour of the exhibition has been created by Mike Leigh Cooper




The story ……

Pyramid Gallery’s association with the Contemporary Glass Society began with a show back in 2008 called ‘Melting Point’ which was followed by ‘Ripples’ and then in 2016 ‘Water Music’. This 4th show began with discussions in 2017 and a courageous choice to pass over the whole exhibition space to the CGS for a show in the very very important run up to Christmas. Christmas is is by far our busiest time and we normally fill the space with work by our favourite artists. Putting on a show of innovative, experimental, cutting-edge glass is both sacry and extremely exciting for me and the gallery team.

80 or so glass makers from the UK and abroad applied. A panel comprising myself, Pam Reekie (who administers the CGS)  and a guest selector, Kate Jones of Gillies and Jones, Rosedale Glass, spent a whole day looking through the submissions. It was difficult turning so many away. We selected what we thought would make a great show, rather than pick out those that might be most sellable.

I am bowled over by the look and feel of this show. Putting it together has taken many many hours. Too many for it to be commercially viable! But the response has already been terrific. While putting the show out, with all the mess and packaging and wet paint, the shop has had one of its best November weeks for sales. It gives me great confidence that such an enterprise is worthwhile in all kinds of ways, as well as for sales of  jewellery, sculpture, ceramics and glass. The opening tomorrow will be very thrilling for the team here at Pyramid Gallery – they have worked hard for two weeks on this, while also displaying new jewellery by 50 makers who ave been sending in their Christmas stock.

Terry Brett 16 Nov 2018


selected exhibition by 30 glass makers at Pyramid Gallery

JINYA ZHAO prizewinning installation – ‘Foggy’, plus ‘And Watch the Sun Go Down’ (above)

GILL MANNINGS COX art glass vessel

FIONA REW ‘collaged’ deep slumped kiln formed glass vessels

Cathryn Shilling, Keith Cummings and Fiona Rew

CATHRYN SHILLING kiln formed sculpture using frits and canes

KEITH CUMMINGS glass sculpture by the eminent professor  at Wolverhampton University

Cathryn Shilling and Fiona Fawcett

FIONA FAWCETT kiln formed cast and fused glass



Jacqueline Allwood, Catherine Hough, Guergana Sabkova

JACQUELINE ALLWOOD diamond wheel crystal glass engraver

CATHERINE HOUGH  cut, polished and sandblasted blown glass forms

GUERGANA SABKOVA cast glass sculpture, pate de verre wall piece

LOCO Glass – Colin and Louise Hawkins

COLIN & LOUISE HAWKINS etched and sandblasted glass bowl


LIz French, Cathryn Shilling, Catherine Hough

LIZ FRENCH fused glass installations and windows

Karina del Savio, Wendy Newhofer, Linda Norris, Cathryn Shilling

KARINA DEL SAVIO cast glass sculpture

WENDY NEWHOFER Kiln fused glass
LINDA NORRIS painter and glass artist

Ruth Shelly, Jacqueline Allwood, Boris Shpeizman

BORIS SHPEIZMAN experimental, innovative and unusual art in glass from Israel

RUTH SHELLEY colourful kiln formed glass vessels

Yoshiko Okada, Effi Burns, Morag Reekie, Charles Sharpe, Maria Zulueta

WINTER – an exhibition by the CGS

EFFIE BURNS pate de verre glass sculpture

YOSHIKO OKADA  Cast glass sculpture
MORAG REEKIE cast glass mice in a snowdome

CHARLES SHARPE fused glass dishes

Helen Slater Stokes , Moira Robinson

HELEN SLATER STOKES cast and polished glass forms with images of trees

MOIRA ROBINSON artist in glass

Rebecca Rowland-Chandler , Morag Reekie, Dominic Fonde

REBECCA ROWLAND-CHANDLER cast glass sculpture

DOMINIC JOHN FONDE drill engraved glass paperweight

Griet Beyaert

This one is difficult to photograph!  The installation is called Torpid and features 5 pieces of  ‘stretched’ Pate de Verre pieces, one of which is suspended and casts a shadow on the wall. Griet has provided a sound track for it too. It’s amazing. It’s Art!

read more about Griet by clicking this link

GRIET BEYAERT  pate de verre installation

images to come for Toni

TONI FAIRHEAD  pate de verre


images on this web page are provided by courtesy of the following photographers:
Lane Ends
Ester Segarra
Mark Boot
Simon Bruntnell
David Williams
Rod Gonzalez
Hao Ma
Geoff Allwood
David Lawson
Florencia Downes
D Sands

FIONA REW ‘collaged’ deep slumped kiln formed glass vessels

I  make a blank circle by collaging layers of transparent and streaky glass along with paint, powders, bubbles and other mark making techniques to create the effect of flowing or frozen water.  After 3 to 5 firings I then further slump the glass through three to four firings  to create this deep form where I repeatedly manipulate the mould at 650°C to create the desired organic shape.
My glass repents our inner being or the spiritual aspect of our lives.  So these winter themed vessels represent the winter season of our lives.

GUERGANA SABKOVA cast glass sculpture
CHARLES SHARPE fused glass dishes

BORIS SHPEIZMAN experimental, innovative and unusual art in glass from Israel
DAWID STROYNY cast art glass
NANCY SUTCLIFFE engraved art glass

MARIA ZULUETA cast glass sculpture

The Contemprary Glass Society have selcted 30 glass artists from around the world for this exhibition at Pyramid Gallery
How to find Pyramid Gallery – a one minute walk from the south door of the Minster. Next to Stonegate Antiques Centre
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