Exhibitions of Art at the Marriott Hotel, Tadcaster Road, York

Exhibition open to the public in Marriott Hotel reception area

York artist KATE PETTITT is showing her work at the Marriott Hotel until mid April 2020

Pyramid Gallery is hanging the work and publicising the show and acting as agent for any sales. Hotel Marriott is hosting the exhibition and will donate 10% of any purchases to St Leonard’s Hospice, York


Kate Pettitt in her studio, photo by Olivia Brabbs

Kate is an artist and designer, living and working in York. Her background and training is in graphic design and illustration, and she has worked as a designer for over 20 years.
Her paintings and drawings explore the natural environment and the human form, and are often elemental and textural. Inspired by movement, shifting light and changing weather conditions, she aims to capture the character and uniqueness of people and place.
Kate works mostly in oil, acrylic, graphite and watercolour. When the weather allows (and sometimes when it doesn’t), she works outside in the elements to create sketches and works on paper. These are direct and instinctive responses to the environment and have a loose and immediate quality to them. Kate uses these, along with scrapbooks and found objects as references, and to trigger memories and emotion when back in the studio at the easel.
For more information, please visit Kate’s website:

Kate Pettitt paintungs at the Marriott Hotel, York

Kate Pettitt paintings at the Marriott Hotel


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