York Textile Artists at Hotel Marriott september 2019

Exhibitions of Art at the Marriott Hotel, Tadcaster Road, York

Public opening event at 6.30pm on Tuesday 10 September at The Marriott Hotel, reception area, please come!

exhibition open to the public until 21 October 2019

Seven members of the York Textile Artists will be showing their work at the Marriott Hotel

Pyramid Gallery is hanging the work and publicising the show and acting as agent for any sales. Hotel Marriott is hosting the exhibition and will donate 10% of any purchases to St Leonard’s Hospice, York


please come along and see how pieces of wool, thread and material can be skilfully crafted and artistically manipulated to create a stunning painting

with thanks to Marco di Tullio, Manager Hotel Marriott, York for organising this new exhibition space in their magnificent setting


Previous Exhibition at Hotel Marriott

1 August until 9 September 2019

Paintings by Wensleydale artist



Piers Browne exhibition of oils at Hotel Marriott until 9 September 2019