Ringleaders 2017 – Exhibition of Contemporary Rings

Our Ringleaders 2017 exhibition runs from 28th January – end of April. It features a wide range of stunning handmade rings and showcases the talents of British contemporary designer jewellers.

ADELE TAYLOR works with silver, 18ct gold and precious stones. Much of her inspiration comes from the observation of the jewel like qualities of the textures and forms of beetles; also as a result of a recent trip to Iceland, she is now also creating work using abstracted elements of landscape.

ANTHONY WONG is based in Liverpool and endevours to, ‘design and make jewellery that will make you pause, think, cherish and remember’. The early experience of watching his father – a merchant seaman – at work, gave him ‘the foundation skills, and knowledge, of sometimes unorthodox design and construction, and the courage to try’.

MARK VEEVERS makes jewellery which is designed to appeal to both men and women. ‘Inspiration for my work comes from the somewhat unexpected source of road markings warning and direction signs and symbols. I combine mild steel, with silver and 18 carat gold, creating pieces featuring ceramics, diamonds and vitreous enamels’.

PAMELA DICKINSON has been making and exhibiting her exclusive jewellery to a global market for many years, including Liberty’s, Aspreys & Boodles. Now, choosing to work alone in her Yorkshire workshop, we are fortunate at Pyramid Gallery to be one of her chosen galleries to which she supplies.

CATHERINE HILLS describes her style as ‘contemporary classic’ and that ‘it is both detailed, rhythmic, decorative and tactile; combining sensuous smooth shapes with highly textured surfaces, contrasting both positive and negative elements through both form and colour. Charms and amulets are also significant elements within Catherine’s designs. As a young girl her grandmother gave her a silver charm bracelet, and every year, this adored piece of jewellery would have a new charm added, thus captivating her imagination and providing the inspiration for many of her designs today.

SALLY RATCLIFFE is based in Sheffield, yet the inspiration for her designs originates from the Welsh countryside around Ruthin where she spent her early years. Sally works mainly in silver, reticulating the surface to give a more natural, organic feel to her pieces. Her jewellery is often further embellished with gemstones and gold detailing.

CONNIE HOWARTH of Constance Isobel Jewellery is a young local jeweller based in York. She uses traditional jewellery making techniques and works with gold, silver and high quality gemstones sourced from ethical UK retailers.  She draws on her interest of ancient adornments and artefacts along with her love of the natural world to inform these unique jewellery pieces. Delicate pattern work and organic shapes decorate the artistic work throughout the collection.

LES GRIMSHAW is based in Plymouth where he designs and creates beautiful jewellery of silver and gold, often incorporating diamonds, topaz and garnets. He has developed a loyal following of Pyramid Gallery customers who highly value his distinctive style and exquisite finishing. Les is also our featured ‘Allure’ jeweller of the month, where a collection of his latest designs are on display in our front window.

SALLYANNE LOWE is inspired by the landscape of London, the leafy open spaces and built environment. Her style is detailed and textured and lends itself to the traditional technique of wax carving. Her jewellery is subtle enough for everyday wear, but with a strong designer aesthetic. it is Sallyanne’s ethos to make jewellery which is both wearable and timeless. A lasting memento to give or to receive.

REBECCA BLAKEWAY is currently based in Birmingham and her most recent collection titled ‘Surface’ is on display as part of Ringleaders. ‘Surface’ combines simplistic forms with a variation of textured and patterned enamelled surfaces, each piece being unique in design. Rebecca is inspired by intricate details and patterns found on both natural and artificial surfaces.


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