Steve Huison

Artist and actor Steve Huison is best known for his roles in such productions as The Full Monty and various television productions . But prior to his success as an actor, Steve had been studying at art school. It was near the end of a 30 month stint in Coronation Street that he rediscovered his talent as a portrait artist culminating in a charity event featuring portraits of members of the cast.

‘The end of my 30 month stint at Coronation Street seemed a valuable opportunity to capture portraits of some of the cast. I wanted to try and portray them as the people I had got to know rather than their better known characters. The extensive publicity turned out to be a good kickstarter for my evolving post-soap career’. 

‘Other art forms constantly distract my attention and ignite new ideas for me, which I am never short of. Once they’re in there rattling around in my mind I have to try them out. Consequently I can turn my hand to a variety of creative outlets including acting, stand-up, singing, drawing , painting, sculpting, carving, magic, escapology, and a variety of musical instruments’


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